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Nintendo DS must have games

These games have been played by myself and I recommend all of them so


Super Mario 64 DS

This game is the DS remake to the original 64 version but includes much more.

1.3 new playable characters

2. Fun touch screen minigames

3.40 more collectable stars  

Castlevania Dawn of Sarrow

This classic 2D sidescroller adventure has to be included in your collection. The top screen is used as a map and the bottom is where all the action takes place. One of the goals of this game is to collect souls of creatures found around Dracula's castle. These souls give the player magical ability.

Mario Kart DS

The 5th game in the series and by far the best. Its all about the Wifi. This is internet gaming at its racing best. Wifi allows you to play 3 other people from around the would. This game also alows you to make your own emblem.