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note the music tune is Wii are the champions


Nintendo Wii

The new system from Nintendo. The Wii will have slightly improved graphics (nothing compared to the "other" systems), but the real story is the not graphics its the control. The Wii's controller uses motion sensor tecnology which will revolutionize the gaming industry.

The "Wiimote"

The Nintendo Wii controller at first glance looks like a regular TV remote, but it is so much more. This controller impliments moton sensor tecnology ehich means your movement of the Wiimote will translate to the action on screen. Think of FPSs. You could point the controller and push a button and it will shoot what you are pointing at. There is also a nunchuk like extension. Plus there is a speaker on the Wiimote.

Wiimote extensions

1. The classic control pad This controller resembles many previous Nintendo controllers. This will most likly be used for Virtual console downloadable classic games.

2. The Light Gun Little is known about this. It most likly will be used for various FPSs.

 Wii War Chants

 1.  Wii are the Champions
 2.  Wii will rock you