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Twilight Princess

This page is donated to the most anticipated game in Nintendo's history.


Twilight Trailers

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What we know

Twilght will be the largest Zelda game ever. This is proven because in an interview with Myamoto he staited "It is going to be larger then Orcaina in dungeon count and # of items".We also know that Link will have a strong connection to the wild life which was seen in the trailer and demo in E3 O5. We also learned that Link would turn into a Wolf.

The Twilight Realm is also boasting a really criptic style of graphics that looks as mysterious as it is awsome. The twilight releam is (if you already didn't know is wear Link turns into a wolf.

This is going to be the largest Zelda game to date. It will take the average gamer 70hrs. to complete this game. Also it takes 45 real time minutes to ride across Hyrule.

In this game Link starts out as a herds man and you get to name you horse. I'll be sticken with the classic name of Epona.

Heres a big suprise.

Yes she is the Twilight Princess

The Controls

Twilight will be controlled on Wii like no other Zelda game has. Yes, you do make a little slicing motion with the Wii-mote to make him slash his sword but no worry journalist have played the game for 5 hours and not complained of any arm soreness. Also all aiming items like the bow will be aimed with the Wii-mote. In adition to make a swing attack you make a little swirl with the Nunchuck.